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We are presently in the process of buying good clean early model U206's to build up as skydiving aircraft. The installation of our engine conversion make these aircraft the worlds most cost effective piston engine powered skydiving aircraft presently available. The chart below shows the flight time per load for the standard C-206 and the Skydive ST350HP 206.

C-206 vs. ST350HP Performance Comparison**
SL To 
12,000 ' MSL
Climb, jump run and descent Total Minutes
Standard C-206*   40
Skydive ST350HP*   20

The above figures were reported to us by a drop zone operating the same early model U206 before and after the engine conversion. The Skydive ST350HP can do the same load in 1/2 the time. This means that the standard C-206 will do 1.5 loads per flight hour and the Skydive ST350HP 206 will do 3 loads per flight hour. Double the loads in the same amount of time! More loads per flight hour means less cost per load and more loads per day. This equates to a higher direct net profit for your drop zone.

C-206 vs. ST350HP Hourly Operating Cost Comparison
Item Standard C-206 Skydive ST350HP*
Airframe $4.00 $4.00
Engine $12.94 $16.66
Propeller $2.00 $2.00
Top End Overhaul $8.23 $7.77
Fuel $70.00 $105.00
Maintenance $18.75 $22.50
Repairs $25.00 $25.00
Total Costs $140.92 $182.93


C-206 vs. ST350HP Cost Per Load Comparison
Item Standard C-206 Skydive ST350HP*
Time Per Load 40 20
Loads Per Hour 1.5 3.0
Cost Per Load $93.94 $60.97

As you can see from these charts, the ST350HP will save you $32.97 per load to operate. This is equal to 35% LESS operating cost to do the same amount of work! This cost savings alone could pay for the purchase of the aircraft and your customers will love the quick ride up to altitude!

Another plus is that the ST350HP will give you the option to do high altitude jumps, something that a standard 206 just can't do.

For a breakdown of how we derived these figures, go here.

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
1966 or Later Airframe Airframe IRAN
STC Engine Conversion GPS
Gyro Panel Jump Door
720 Comm. Radio Jump Handles
Transponder Door Deflector
Encoder Floor Seat Belts
Fresh 100hr/Annual Padded Floor Mat
Cut-Away Knife
Wing Extensions
Droop Wing Tips
Speed Brakes
New Paint
Cargo Liner Interior
New Tires & Brakes
Corrosion Proofing
New Windshield & Glass
Wheels & Brakes OHC
Main Gearbox Inspection
Nose Gear OHC


*Skydive ST350HP equipped with optional speed brakes.
**See performance disclaimer


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