Parts for sale

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Sensenich Propeller

M76EMMS-0-60 removed from my aircraft, was running smoothly, no records


Pratt & Whitney PT6A Parts

Condition: As removed, cleaned, serviceable

Fuel Nozzle Adapter Assy. Manifold Simplex PN: 3014704A      26 each
Fuel Nozzle Adapter Assy. Manifold Duplex PN: 3014703A      1each
Fuel Nozzle Sheath PN: 3019491-B      27 each
Fuel Nozzle Lock Plate PN: 3011158       13 each


Lycoming oil screen and housing with provision for oil temp bulb. $75
One airspeed indicator with true airspeed window. As removed. Do not know what aircraft this came out of. It appears to work fine but I have no way to check its calibration.$150
DG as removed in working condition. Missing the knob. $200.
Alcor EGT / CHT gauge with harnesses and one EGT probe. 3 inch, PN 46156. List for $345, sell $200
Alcor Ekonomix EGT with harness. PN 202-1A. List for $172 sell for $75
NEW CHT probe, bayonet piggy back. $50 NEW EGT probes JPI M-111. $50 each
Maule tailwheel. 6 inch solid tire. Serviceable condition, has some light surface rust. $300
One VSI vertical speed indicator as removed. It responds to low pressure air in and out so it appears to be working. I have no way to check the calibration. $75
VERY RARE Siai Marchetti FN-333 Riviera yoke. $200
SkyOx 4 place oxygen system $300
New CB antenna with mount. $100 New DM ELT antenna with mount. $100
    ELT antenna. $30  
Hose, lifetime PTFE integral firesleeve. All made by Sacramento Sky Ranch. Good serviceable.
-8 x 23 inch -8 x 19 inch
-6 x 15.5 inch -6 x 11.5 inch
-6 x 11 inch -6 x 9.25 inch
-4 x 15 inch -4 x 9 inch
SS braided no firesleeve -6 x 29 inch    

Lancair Legacy 2000 Parts for sale

Nose gear pivot bearings and mount. Removed after 20 hours when I changed my engine mount. Sell for $75 for the pair.
These are two new aileron idler arms from Lancair PN 4581. New cost is $140 each. Sell for $200 for the pair.
This is a new never installed remote oil cooler kit for the TCM 550 engine. It includes an overhauled oil cooler with the 8130 and the adapter plate, fittings and a new Vernatherm VD-210376N. New cost is $1,300. Sell for $800.