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Installation Brief Description

The installation process consists of removing the engine, propeller, engine bed mounts, nose gear, cowl flaps, nose bowls and miscellaneous items on the firewall. Structural enhancements are then made to the airframe in the tunnel, firewall and door post areas. 

Airframe components are installed including; engine instruments, engine controls, forward and aft engine bed mounts, fuel pump, oil cooler scoop, cowl louvers, plumbing, hoses, and engine electrical system.

Airframe modifications are made to the cowl flaps, top engine cowlings and lower cowling.

Engine buildup consists of installing the mount legs, alternator, exhaust system, turbo, induction system, governor, and cooling baffling. 

Installation of the engine, propeller, spinner, nose bowls, cowl flaps, cowling, and nose gear completes the conversion process. Virtually everything from the firewall forward is new.

All parts come prefabricated and painted, where required, and do not require any sheet metal fabrication work. Everything furnished is simply bolt-on. The modification work requires standard aircraft repair techniques such as drilling out rivets, riveting, cutting sheet metal, painting, etc.

The estimated time it takes to do the complete engine conversion is 250 man-hours.


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