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FAA approved STC engine conversion kit replaces the existing 285 or 300 HP Continental (TCM) IO-520 engine and installs the more powerful and robust Lycoming TIO-540-J2BD 350HP Turbocharged engine in the Cessna 206 series aircraft. The Lycoming engine has obtained worldwide recognition and respect for its ruggedness and reliability in the Piper Navajo Chieftain. Coupled to this powerful engine is our huge, custom three-bladed Hartzell Compact 80 inch propeller. With this combination, the performance increase is phenomenal!

We call the modified aircraft the SUPER TURBO 350HP.

All control of the turbocharging is fully automatic and is oil pressure servo controlled by the density controller and wastegate. This eliminates any addition workload for the pilot during all phases of flight. This allows for a set-it and forget-it approach to engine management. 

Our conversion is applicable to all TCM powered model U206 and P206 aircraft. The modification is available as a complete packaged kit shipped to the installation shop of your choice. As an OEM Modifier, we can also supply you with a brand new factory engine at a great price. Due to the wide source and quality of overhauled engines available, we allow you the choice of picking your engine supplier.

Anyone who wants more performance out of the C-206, whether operating on wheels, floats or skis...THAT'S WHO!

If you want access to:

  • Shorter Airstrips & Smaller Lakes

  • Higher Altitude  Airstrips & Lakes

  • Higher Density Altitudes

  • Climbing Faster & Higher

  • Cruising Faster

  • A Quieter Cabin

  • A Smoother Cabin

  • Higher Terrain & Weather Avoidance

  • Longer Engine Life

  • Stronger Airframe

Then this conversion is for you!

How will the SUPER TURBO 350HP improve performance?

  • 40% more HP @ 10,000 ft. MSL

  • Noise level greatly reduced at take off and cruise RPM

  • Take off RPM reduced from 2850 to 2575 RPM

  • Vibration levels reduced due to lower RPM

  • 30 MPH increase in cruise speed @ 12,000 ft. MSL

  • 50% reduced time-to-climb to 10,000 ft. MSL

  • Climb rate doubled above 6000 ft.

  • 350 HP continuous to 15,000 ft. 

  • Takeoff distance reduced on wheels

  • Takeoff run reduced on floats

  • Increased TBO and durability

  • Eliminates VAR crankshaft worries


The conversion can be done by any normally equipped aircraft repair facility and requires some typical sheet metal work, such as drilling and riveting. The kit does not require any fabrication of parts, as those are included in the kit.

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